Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong writes about ‘challenging’ life in solitary confinement

Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong writes about challenging life in solitary confinement

Jailed pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong said it was “challenging” for him to adapt to life in solitary confinement, adding that he yearned to share a meal with friends and family upon his release.

In a letter written from Shek Pik Prison, Wong said it took a long time for him to adjust to life as a Category A prisoner, a designation reserved for those who have committed the most serious crimes. The many festivals between Winter Solstice and the arrival of Spring has made this period of time even more challenging, Wong added.

In December, Wong was sentenced to 13 and a half months in jail for protest-related charges. He revealed in a January letter that he had been designated as a maximum security prisoner, kept in long-term solitary confinement and segregated from the rest of the prison population.

“I think of everyone gathering during Lunar New Year, but as a Category A prisoner, I have daily meals alone in my cell,” he wrote. “Fighting fear and loneliness is no easy feat.”

“Occasionally I see scenes in television shows where characters enjoy a meal with family and friends. I wonder when I can eat a proper meal outside of my cell,” Wong said.

Wong has been reading novels, academic books and listening to the radio in jail, his representative wrote on social media. Wong was “deeply touched” by letters of support from people around the world, the representative added.

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