Communist Party scholar shuts social media page after praise of Canada draws ire

Communist Party scholar shuts social media page after praise of Canada draws ire

A mainland Chinese professor of the Communist Party’s elite school closed a social media account this week after nationalists took offense at her praising Canada’s medical welfare.

Internet users interpreted a post on Monday by Liu Yuying, an academic at the Central Party School, as indirect criticism of China’s distribution of health-care resources.

Liu on Thursday responded by sharing an article titled “The sky won’t fall by letting people speak up.” An hour later, she announced the decision to stop updating her Weibo page, delete the app from her phone and “shut out the world” to concentrate on her studies.

The professor was previously upfront about her dissatisfaction at corruption in the mainland Chinese government, by sharing a post that mockingly said: “Where there is a member of the party, there is disaster.” She has also written that Chinese characteristics mean “people in power have an imperial mentality while those without power have a revolutionary mindset.”

The recent Weibo post that raised the hackles of Chinese netizens read: “Received reliable information, not rumors, today that the medical welfare in Canada is completely equal for all. Everyone has a free medical card. Prime Minister [Pierre] Trudeau holds the same free medical card as farmers.

“This piece of news reminds me of a sentence I saw on an obituary notice: enjoy the same medical treatment as deputy ministers.”

Some netizens refuted her claim by alleging that Canada was famous for its troublesome medical system. They also scoffed at her for wearing clothes and accessories made by luxury brands, staying at five-star hotels and taking costly cruises.

Liu is a native of Liaoning province and graduated from Peking University in 1983, according to information available in the public domain.

One of her former colleagues is the fierce Chinese critic Cai Xia, who also taught at the Central Party School, the college that trains party members. Dai was expelled from the party after she made speeches and wrote essays denouncing it and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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