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By Fong Yuen

A joint statement made by G7 foreign ministers condemned the CCP’s perverse actions on human rights issues, stressed the importance of peace in the Taiwan Strait, and supported the inclusion of Taiwan in the WHO; at the same time, the E.U. announced the suspension of the E.U.-China investment deal and proposed legislation to prevent mergers and acquisitions by the CCP of enterprises in Europe; Germany and New Zealand, who have close ties with the CCP, have both spoken out on China’s human rights violations with strong wordings in recent days.

The E.U.-China investment deal was signed before Biden took office. Biden’s administration tried to stop it but failed. In theory, this was a good move by the CCP in terms of putting a wedge between the U.S. and the E.U. However, in less than half a year, the CCP has offended all of E.U. countries and the situation has been reversed, where the gash between the U.S. and E.U. have been mended.

At the same time, since the CCP sent a large number of militia ships to the Philippine waters to show off its muscles, it was greeted with foul language from the Philippine Foreign Minister. A small country with a small population, the Philippines were once pro-CCP and anti-U.S. However, the CCP has now pushed a friend to the side of the enemies.

China’s diplomacy has deteriorated rapidly in these two years. Originally, the U.S.-China trade talks were close to completion, only that the CCP suddenly provoked and angered Trump, and since then, the two countries’ relations have taken a downturn. At the onset of the epidemic, the CCP not only denied responsibilities, even tried to cast the blame on the U.S. army through Zhao Lijian’s mouth. It concocted a whole blame game out of nothing, which greatly disgusted the U.S. government and the public.

To play politics like a powerful country, one has to have a powerful country’s vision, style, and strategy. One should consider the overall situation as well as the long-term plan. There should not be wanton and capricious, as the saying goes, “specious words confound virtue. Want of forbearance in small matters confounds great plans.” Back in those days, when the CCP resurrected from the dead, it was all thanks to the U.S. help and support. To keep a good relationship with the U.S. was the premise of the CCP’s long-term development. In recent years, anyone with the slightest common sense would see that the reason the CCP has been met with obstacles on the international level is because of the deterioration in Sino-U.S. relations.

Since Sino-U.S. relations deteriorated, in order to improve its situation, the CCP’s only choice is to make more friends and fewer enemies, such that it does not become isolated. The animosity between the U.S. and E.U. used to be a weakness the CCP could use. After spending seven years negotiating the E.U.-China investment deals, it almost had the E.U. in its pocket and there could be a way out for the economy, technology, and diplomacy. However, alternating between a carrot and a stick, sweet talks and offenses, the retardation and recklessness displayed by the CCP is simply not something normal people could understand.

China’s wolf warrior diplomats are running rampant in Europe and barking at everyone over the smallest things. For momentary joy, they are making enemies everywhere and smearing the CCP’s international image. Diplomacy is a country’s public relations work and must take into account the overall situation and long-term planning. However, shattering an image is very simple. Public opinion in Western countries is paramount. The CCP’s violation of human rights and deployment of economic threats for pollical gains are all abominations. When public opinion is one-sided, politicians have no choice but to abide. The CCP is hated by the whole world. It has very few friends and very many enemies.

The U.S. wants to besiege the CCP but the E.U. is not making it easy. The U.S. is just planning to put a wedge between China and the E.U. when the CCP itself made it easy for everyone and directly destroyed the China-E.U. relations. What a happy surprise for the Biden government, there is honestly nothing more stupid than something like this in a whole wide world. Biden has only been in power for half a year and has already settled the E.U. It is only a matter of time before Korea follows suit, now that both the Philippines and ASEAN have declared their stance. The CCP has kindly removed all the obstacles to American diplomacy and made itself an enemy of all. Could there be an even “wiser” diplomacy of a powerful nation in the world?

Based on the misjudgment of the rising East and falling West theory, “both time and situation are on our side” and “the four confidences” have both created self-inflation and arrogance that trumped everything else. It was a good game, and now it has become a dead end. Back then, Mao Zedong managed to reverse the situation, Zhou Enlai was a diplomatic wizard, and Deng Xiaoping had the tolerance to bide his time. If these three were watching all this from down below, they must be turning in their graves. Zhu Rongji and Wen Jiabao, both alive, well, and watching all these unfold, how are they feeling?

Western countries are have completed their alliance. On the CCP’s side, there are only a handful of hungry and poor brothers called North Korea, Iran, and Cuba, not to mention that the dream of uniting Russia to fight against the U.S. has also been shattered. Biden has only been in power for six months, and the CCP has already demolished its own Great Wall and assisted in the U.S. great plans in building alliance all around.

The CCP has never experienced such a tragic failure in its diplomacy. This result was perhaps inevitable, but if it had paid the slightest attention to strategy and controlled its temper just by the right amount, if it had considered the big picture and clever long-term planning, things would not have deteriorated so quickly. What is puzzling is the more frustrated the CCP gets, the faster it barges towards the dead end.

In the end, this is all because the CCP suffers from left-leaning naivety. It is impetuous, arrogant, withdrawn and shallow, and now it is all alone in this endgame. From here on, its economy is blocked, technology is hindered, and people’s livelihood is constrained. At this very moment, how is the simple word, “sad”, enough to describe this feeling?

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