Second Chinese man crosses Taiwan Strait in one week


Yet another Chinese man attempted to flee to Taiwan by boat on Wednesday, after a Chinese man had successfully crossed the Taiwan Strait in a bid for “freedom and equality” on a rubber dinghy last week.

Taiwanese authorities are investigating the motives and background of the two men, who are detained for breaking the Immigration Act.

Surnamed Jiang, the man rowed for five hours, before he was detected by radar and intercepted by Taiwan coastguards. He also claimed that he made the dangerous trip in pursuit of democracy and freedom in the self-governed island.

Carrying a luggage, Jiang took a taxi from Xiamen in Fujian province to Dadeng Island, where he rowed towards the Kinmen Islands of Taiwan 1.8 kilometers away.

He arrived at the restricted waters near the Kinmen Islands at 5 a.m. on Wednesday, where he was detected by the patrol’s radar and infrared thermal imaging equipment. He was arrested immediately after he landed. Officers found a torchlight, earphones, a smartphone and clothes in his luggage.

As the Dadeng Isles, which comprises Dadeng, Xiaodeng and Jiaoyu, are located merely several kilometers away from Taiwan’s offshore county of Kinmen, they were used as military bases during the civil war in 1958. Due to their close proximity, Chinese people have smuggled to Taiwan through Xiamen in the past.

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