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Carrie Lam’s government used 200 police manpower to raid and search our newspaper and arrested ten pro-democracy people, including Jimmy Lai. This was the worst government suppression on media since the beginning of Hong Kong history.

During the British-Hong Kong’s era, the police often raided the bases of triads and the entertainment venues they operated. They called that “plowing the nest”; after 1997, the relationship between black (triad) and white (police) has changed; this type of large-scale operation, which was aimed to scare the triad into submission, has virtually disappeared. Shockingly, the same boorish tactics were used on a righteous, legitimate media company today. What kind of world are we in, when the Hong Kong Police are patting the shoulders of triad members but plowing up the court of news media?

On the next day, Apple Daily’s sale soared; two days after the incident, Next Digital’s stock price surged up to 20 times. It is crystal clear which side the citizens are on. The CCP wanted to use National Security Law (NSL) to suppress Hongkongers’ protest, but its barbaric acts of red terror have instead planted hate even deeper into Hongkongers’ hearts.

With NSL in hand and a dictatorial machine to use, the government can catch and arrest more Hong Kong citizens, but that doesn’t solve Hong Kong’s problem; seizing a newspaper office can also not turn things around. What a dictator always seems to think is that violent dictatorship would terrify people and create a chilling effect, which would strangle the people’s desire to resist. They will never understand that people’s heart is the foundation of the ruling, whether it is a dictatorship or democratic system, if you get the hearts of the people, you get the world; you lose the hearts of the people, you lose the world.

Xu Zhangrun, a mainland Chinese liberal academic, said, “angry people do not fear. Hongkongers are angry, will they be fearful?”

Yang Jiechi, Director of the Office of Foreign Affairs of the CCP and Wang Yi, the Foreign Minister, have both recently told the US that they would like to open dialogues on different levels, in order to avoid false judgment on strategies and decoupling between the two countries. They have forgotten what Secretary of State Pompeo said earlier: towards China, we should not be looking at what they say, but what they do. On the one hand, wanting dialogues to avoid the false judgment of strategies, on the other hand implementing NSL; this moment saying to avoid decoupling, a moment later making arbitrary arrests and suppressing freedom of speech. The CCP is doing everything that the American hate, then turns around and says, let’s not fight and terminate our friendship. It is just laughable.

The Americans adhere to universal value and worship freedom of speech. The CCP has also signed the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which means it should have been protecting human rights in Hong Kong and safeguarding its freedom of speech, which Hong Kong possessed for over a hundred years. This is the most basic moral duty of the CCP. But instead, it is heading the opposite direction and enforcing red terror in Hong Kong, showing the ruthless regime’s brutality. The incident has captured the world’s attention, and Jimmy Lai became a world-famous figure. Now he is standing on the moral high ground, while the CCP is the villain criticized by all.

Since last year’s anti-ELAB movement, the CCP has been enforcing red terror in Hong Kong, allowing the police to assault people on the streets. Numerous violent and bloody scenes have been shown to the world on a daily basis. As a result of the police-citizen conflicts during this significant part of the year, the world’s governments and people could clearly see the dictatorship’s nature in the CCP. The CCP political reform dream the western countries once have, has completely vanished. The CCP has completely exposed its dictatorship character of being a people’s enemy.

Another outcome of suppressing Hongkongers is the awakening of the people in Taiwan. They suddenly realized “One Country, Two Systems” is just a lie. The sweet words from the CCP were just a way to claim Taiwan’s land as it is without using any weapon. Within half a year, the public opinion turned, and the arrogant Han Kuo-yu was brought to his knees, and the worried Tsai Ing-wen has a complete turnaround. Red terror helped the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to win the election, and the big peaceful reunification plan the CCP has been building for years collapsed overnight.

The CCP has been using every tricks under the sun to try to tame Hongkongers, not only has it not succeeded, but it has paid an out-of-proportion political price: peaceful reunification with Taiwan has gone down the drain, it has become an international enemy, and has numerous problems within the country. “Working hard for 40 years and back to the pre-reform days overnight.” The CCP is furious and embarrassed, so much so it is prepared to stage a massacre just to retrieve a little bit of its dignity.

The CCP use of lies to brainwash does not work on Hongkongers who have been swimming freely in the ocean of information; its red terror also does not work on Hongkongers who receive supports from the righteous force from around the world. Apple Daily will continue to hang in there, and the Hongkongers’ protests will persistently continue.

Will red terror be the lifebuoy of the CCP? The arrests and the forced closures will continue to happen, and the police will continue to be lawless, but the CCP will always be on the bench of the Court of International Ethics. If Hongkongers continue to believe, the government will never effectively govern this place. The government has become the public enemy of the people. It is easy to plant hatred, and the reap will be endless and eternal resistance.

Red terror is no lifebuoy of the CCP, but rather, a giant boulder tied to its waist.

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