Hong Kong national security officer found at unlicensed massage parlor under probe: report

Hong Kong national security officer found at unlicensed massage parlor under probe report

A senior police officer in charge of national security in Hong Kong is believed to have been ordered to take leave and is under investigation for patronizing an unlicensed massage parlor, according to a local news report.

Frederic Choi, 51, senior assistant commissioner and director of the police’s national security department, was said to be the officer who was caught during an anti-vice raid by his own colleagues of the force, the South China Morning Post reported.

The police confirmed upon media enquiries that an officer was on leave pending investigation for misconduct and no one had been arrested so far. The force greatly valued the conduct of police officers and would conduct a fair and impartial investigation based on current procedures.

After the news broke on Tuesday night, many media outlets were already waiting for Commissioner of Police Chris Tang by 6 a.m. on Wednesday outside his home on Magazine Gap Road and at his office in the police headquarters on Hong Kong Island. The police chief was nowhere to be seen.

Public relations officers of the police informed journalists at around 8:40 a.m. that Tang had returned to his office.

Choi joined the police force in 1995 as an inspector. He was promoted to the rank of superintendent in 2009 and to senior superintendent in 2014. His areas of responsibility in security affairs included intelligence operations, investigation, analysis and liaison.

The police set up a national security department on July 1 last year, a day after the central Chinese government imposed national security legislation on Hong Kong. Choi was promoted to senior assistant commissioner taking charge of the new department.

It was understood that Choi, who completed two master’s degrees, had been earmarked as one of the candidates to take over as the city’s top cop. He was sent to mainland China and overseas for training many times.

Choi received the Chief Executive’s Commendation for Public Service in February this year after he was included in the United States’ list of sanctioned individuals.

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