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Editorial Thank you our readers and colleagues Apple Daily Apple Daily Taiwan

Just as Covid cases explode in Taiwan, Apple Daily Taiwan has ceased its print edition starting from tomorrow. We hope to use the editorial on this very last day of publication to fare thee well, our readers and the public, with immense sorrow and sentimentality. However, in the 18 years of its publication, Apple Daily Taiwan has given it all to fulfill its social responsibility, challenged and even changed Taiwan’s media ecology and history. As the curtain comes down, other than sorrow and sentimentality, Apple Daily Taiwan, alongside every single person in our team, has no regrets toward our readers, toward our confidence and pride in serving society. This is because Apple Daily Taiwan has never let down our readers’ support.

Apple Daily Taiwan never believed that it was perfect. There were mistakes made in these 18 years, therefore we have always been thankful to our readers for their criticisms that spurred us on. We respected every competitor, and always believed that there is room for improvement, to continue to improve at every chance.

Apple Daily Taiwan’s core value is the belief in democracy and freedom, the pursuit of social justice, and the provision of diverse information to our readers. We strive to amplify the voices of the disadvantaged and their needs to be taken seriously; to monitor those in power such that their actions are kept in check; to ensure those who gain from society remain responsible to society and do not monopolize.

In these 18 years, Apple Daily Taiwan’s news reports have coordinated with the real actions of Apple Daily Charitable Foundation to illustrate the most loving stories of Taiwan’s society.

In these 18 years, colleagues of Apple Daily have braved all sorts of dangers and even criticisms, and time and again placed themselves at the forefront of every major news event, with the sole intention of presenting the full picture of news and facts. They have dug deep into the darkest corners of society, only to unearth the hidden truth.

These are all obligations of Apple Daily to society, and where the “Soul of Apple” lies. There is neither the need to show off nor to complain.

Apple Daily Taiwan does not adhere to dogmatism. It fears no power, and only bows to professionalism. Apple Daily’s editors follow a set of codes of ethics that are almost austere, because we believe in a professional journalism space that does not kneel before politics, business, advertisers, triads, or even the boss of the newspaper, and therefore we must always clarify our relationships with the government, political parties, politicians, enterprises and interest groups that all begin from our persistent adherence to the professional ethics of journalism.

The ups and downs experienced by every one of our Apple Daily Taiwan colleagues were closely tied to the achievements and frustrations on the battlefield of journalism. Even when Apple Daily was criticized, mocked, or even hated by certain people for different reasons, we only worried that our journalism lacked professionalism, that we had neglected to care for the weak. We have never cared for the hatred from dignitaries, celebrities, and the wealthy.

Apple Daily Taiwan has never feared being smeared or color-labeled either, for those who have been exposed or criticized in this newspaper came from all political and professional backgrounds. With the many tests that Apple Daily has been put through, we have persevered. There have been mistakes made in Apple Daily’s news reporting, followed by befitting punishments. However, regarding those attacks on Apple Daily’s refusal to bow to power, interests, and positions, we welcomed them, and in fact, regarded them as an affirmation.

We have no choice but to cease Apple Daily Taiwan’s print edition, partly due to the many severe challenges shared by all traditional media around the world, and partly the state-level judicial suppression faced by Next Digital. Although the mother company has attempted to provide resources to assist Apple Daily Taiwan through the difficult situation, and our frontline colleagues in editing, business, and printing and logistics have persisted in fighting till the very last minute, we have been unable to change the outcome of ending our print edition.

As Covid rages on, Taiwan is also facing major changes at home, abroad, and across the Strait. Apple Daily Taiwan print edition regrets the inability to accompany Taiwan and its people to face the challenges, and must apologize to all of our readers and society. At this point, the company must consolidate resources on the Apple Daily Taiwan digital version, and continue to implement Apple Daily’s consistent beliefs. We ask our readers for your continued support and encouragement. To our Taiwan Apple Daily colleagues, who have been enduring tough grinds and grievances at work, and striving for journalistic professionalism amidst the epidemic till the very last minute, we apologize, we thank you, and we salute you. Take care, and goodbye for now. The “Soul of Apple” will always be with us. Good luck to this beautiful island. God bless Taiwan!

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