Letters to Prison|We are Mirror of social activists

Letters to Prison We are Mirror of social activists

Outside the wall, boy band Mirror have recently become a talking-point. A reader associates them with fellow travelers in social movements who have various identities and take up different positions. He imagines the latter have formed a band “Mirror of social activists” who struggle for justice, manifesting their true selves, flocking together to create unlimited possibilities. He also hopes that those in adversity behind the wall do more deep thinking, putting their effort together to make their hopes sustainable.

Flock together to create unlimited possibilities

Mirror of social activists:

That the fans of Mirror hang together seriously and fans of different members of the band respect and bear with each other is the trigger for me getting to find out more about the boy band. Online information shows the name Mirror comes from the fact that every morning every member looks at himself in the mirror that reflects his true appearance. Also, if there is more than one mirror, unlimited reflections are created. By the same token, each unique member can create unlimited possibilities.

Looking back on the social movements over the past two years, one will find that you are actually “Mirror of social activists”, each of whom took up a different role in various social movements on multiple occasions. The high turnouts were unprecedented, and the forms of activities were versatile. Though the results were disparate, they reflected everyone’s true self.

In the two years, we saw a lot of unanticipated outcomes, the majority of which were bitter, especially the arbitrary arrests and raids, imprisonments before trial, heavy sentences, etc. Worse still, people were forced to quit, stop writing and talking on-air, flee and emigrate. On the other hand, we still had righteous lawyers write candidly to awaken the laggard and arouse the nonchalant, pioneers of democracy press on, online channels and independent media report outspokenly, a lot of people from all walks of life support the imprisoned unwaveringly, and the public bolster up yellow businesses. Many a little makes a mickle. So, if you put your effort together, the band will have unlimited strength to make your hopes sustainable.

In response to Mirror calling on Hongkongers to add oil and encouraging everyone to keep pursuing their dream in their last concert, we have to do soul-searching, and keep moving forward unswervingly!

A fan of Mirror of social activists

Be honest and upright, and never be subservient

Dear Wu Chi-wai:

How hard shall a real man steel himself in his life?

How many times shall a real man feel abjectly miserable, dejected and vexed in his life?

After many trials and tribulations, your personality becomes even more outstanding.

A real man of indomitable spirit is honest and upright, and will never be subservient.

Blessed are the imprisoned for they shall overcome difficulties

To the comrades put behind the wall (gods of Hong Kong in our heart)

How can one be fond of this government which is keen on autocracy rather than take care of and love the people? However, as Hong Kong is ours, I don’t want to emigrate. Even the god could not do comrades’ part – sacrificing their youth and life. Though I am unreligious, I burn incense sticks praying to the god that stands guard over Hong Kong (for the comrades who fight for Hong Kong at the cost of their life).

Blessed are the comrades for they can circumvent the trouble.

Stay healthy.

Sally, a Hong Kong girl who loves comrades

Summer 2021

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If you want to mail letters to the imprisoned, please send them to the following addresses:

Raymond Chan Chi-chuen (“Slow beat”), Tam Tak-chi (“Fast beat”):

Rm 619, Kinetic Industrial Centre, 7 Wang Kwong Road, Kowloon Bay (People Power)

Au Nok-hin:

Rm B2, 4/F, Tai Cheung Factory Building, 3 Wing Ming Street, Cheung Sha Wan

Jeremy Tam Man-ho:

Shop 7, G/F, Hung Fai Building, 2Q-2Z Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok (Three Meals)

Henry Wong Pak-yu:

G/F, Heng Lai House, Tin Heng Estate, Tin Shui Wai

Ventus Lau:

no.8, G/F, Hin Yau House, Hin Keng Estate, Sha Tin

Sam Cheung Ho-sum:

Shop 11B, G/F, Greenland Garden, 15 Shek Tai Pau Road, Tuen Mun (Office of district councillor Poon Chi-kin)

Wu Chi-wai:

1/F, 16 Sheung Fung Street, Wong Tai Sin (Office of district councillor Tang Wai-keung)

Lam Cheuk-ting, Andrew Wan Siu-kin:

4/F, Hanley House, 776-778 Nathan Road, Prince Edward (Headquarters of the Democratic Party)

Gary Fan Kwok-wai:

B190, 1/F, Well On Garden Shopping Arcade, 9 Yuk Nga Lane, Tseung Kwan O

Roy Tam Hoi-pong:

Store at Podium (Near Block H) of Luk Yeung Sun Chuen, 22-26 Wai Tsuen Road, Tsuen Wan


Rm B, G/F, 218 Ma Wan Main Street Central, Ma Wan

Winnie Yu Wai-ming:

Rm 1603, 10th floor, Perfect Commercial Building, 20 Austin Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui

Ng Kin-wai:

Rm 251, +WOO Phase 1, Tin Shui Wai

(or offices of district councillors Leon Kwan, Lam Chun and Frasier Hau)

Jimmy Sham, Leung Kwok-hung (“Long hair”):

Rm B2, 4/F, Tai Cheong Factory Building, 3 Wing Ming Street, Cheung Sha Wan (League of Social Democrats)

Eddie Chu Hoi-dick:

Rm 101, G/F, Hong Shui House, Shui Pin Wai Estate, Yuen Long

Lester Shum:

P.O. Box no. 33854, Sheung Wan Post Office

Tiffany Yuen Ka-wai:

Unit 8, G/F, Tin Lai House, Tin Wan Estate, Aberdeen

Gwyneth Ho Kwai-lam and Joshua Wong:

P.O. Box no. 73962, Kowloon Central Post Office (do not state the name of addressee on envelope)

Carol Ng Man-yee:

19/F Wing Wong Commercial Building, 557-559 Nathan Road, Yau Ma Tei (mark “letter to Carol Ng” on envelope)

Andy Chui Chi-kin:

No.29, G/F, Yue Shun House, Yue Wan Estate, Chai Wan (mark “letter to Andy Chui” on envelope)

Other detainees:

Rm 1101, Kowloon Plaza, 485 Castle Peak Road, Lai Chi Kok (posted by Wall-fare)


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