Detained former lawmaker Lam Cheuk-ting happy to answer prisoners’ questions

Lam Cheuk ting
Lam Cheuk-ting

Former Democratic Party lawmaker Lam Cheuk-ting, who has been in custody for almost three months, has been helping other prisoners by answering their various questions, according to a fellow ex-legislator.

Lam was remanded after he was charged with subversion under the national security law for participating in the democrat primary last year. He will face a court hearing before the end of the month.

Former lawmakers Shiu Ka-chun and Fernando Cheung visited Lam at Stanley Prison on Friday morning. Shiu said Lam’s hair had grown longer and that he was in good spirits, as he was eating and sleeping well.

Lam told his fellow inmates he was happy to answer questions on applications for public housing or about their individual criminal cases, as he was “being a lawmaker when he is no longer one,” Shiu said on Facebook.

Lam replied to about 20 letters a week, and he would write back to residents personally as long as they were willing to leave a return address, Shiu said.

Lam missed his family, as he felt guilty that relatives had to take care of his needs, Shiu said. He turned emotional when he spoke of his mother, Shiu added.

He had to fight for justice as it was part of his character, even though it was certain to land him behind bars, Lam told Shiu jokingly.

Lam had refused to allow colleagues to pay for his meals from external caterers, which are available to inmates at a high price, as his colleagues were worried about his health.

He hoped to keep a mustache when in jail, since he was forbidden to do so at home by his wife, Shiu said. But under prison rules, he would not be able to do so as he must maintain the same appearance as when he entered jail, Shiu added.

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